Angela Pennington Astrology

Astrological Wisdom Combined with Co Active Coaching Techniques

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Due to Covid 19, all in person courses are on hold.

Angela teaches a variety of programs designed to help one develop themselves by combining ancient knowledge with modern thought.  All programs offer audio visual, discourse, hands on experience and discussion. Classes are thought provoking, fun and attendees build incredible friendships while reshaping their own lives. 

Nature Philosophy
Offers a core understanding of earth based philosophy. Whether your drawn to Wicca, Shamanism or another earth based philosophy this 6 month course will light your way of understanding so you can move forward on your chosen path with confidence.  

Earth Spirituality
This course connects you to the elemental world and helps you balance earth, air, fire, water and spirit within. This course is a traditional Covenant experience.

Intentional Alchemy
Balance light and dark in this modular course. Learn how to engage your healing process and clear internal blocks.