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Common Questions

Q. What is astrology?

A. Astrology is the observation of celestial bodies and their effect on humans and all living things on earth.


Q. What is Vedic Astrology?

A. Vedic Astrology is a method of analyzing behavioral tendencies and the timing of events. Timing of events can be planned or predicted by planetary cycle, transits and karmic lessons.


Q. What is Vedic Astrology Coaching?

A. Vedic Astrology Coaching is a strategic co-active alliance between the Astrologer and Client. This method combines chart analysis and timing to support the Client in creating, building and enhancing personal development, meeting goals and making life changes.


Q. Why doesn’t the Vedic System use the outer planets?

A. Vedic astrology is older than the discovery of the outer planets. Many Vedic astrologers now include the outer planets in chart analysis. 


Q. Why is my sun sign different in a Vedic astrology chart?

A. The Sidereal and Tropical systems are separated by approximately 24 degrees.  This effects your Astrology chart because the Western (Tropical) system begins the astrological year at Spring Equinox, considered 0 degrees Aries. The Vedic (Sidereal) system begins the new year when astronomically the Sun enters Aries, occurring around April 16th.


Q. Should an astrologer be trained in both the Eastern and Western Systems?

A. No. The subject of astrology is vast. An astrologer who is well trained in one system will give excellent results.