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Vedic Astrology Services

A Mindful Approach,  Support that makes a difference


Vedic Astrology Coaching™

is a unique method of combining valuable astrological knowledge with coaching techniques.  

Coaching is a process of providing instruction, direction, feedback and support to a client in order to improve personal performance. This is accomplished by using the principals of natural timing cycles focused on the past, present and future to help expand client awareness and improve choices leading to better outcomes. 

A Jyotish coaching session provides an in-depth analysis of an area of life theme and issues seen in the astrological chart. Angela helps the client identify specific personal actions (karmas) necessary to achieve the clients full potential. The client sets goals, we create strategies, measure results and celebrate achievement!

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”
 - Seneca Roman Philosopher

Session work is very specific. Goals are set, and results are measured. As we move through the coaching process, we measure all areas of life and mindfully examine mental and emotional obstacles that have routinely held the client back from goals or indecision. Ultimately, it is the clients reponsibility to set and meet goals. It is the Coaches responsibility to ask powerful questions that open new and dynamic perspectives, guide and support the client toward their goal.   

We'll meet two times each week for six weeks. Each week we start with a 1 to 1.5 hour planning and discussion session. Three to four days later we do a 30 to 60 minute follow up by phone or online. Intermittently, we connect by text. 

Throughout this process we use astrology as a navigation tool indicating natural behavior, true purpose in life, karma and timing change. 

Vedic Astrology Coaching is an investment in yourself. The problem solving skills and outside the box thinking you develop are yours for life. 

You are your own best investment. 


Vedic Astrology Sessions

Astrology guides us into self awareness. It helps us to understand our personality traits, how we filter information and our emotional response to our experiences. By combining these powerful components, we can determine the natural decision making process for an individual. 

The type of astrological analysis determines the type of information revealed:

Birth Chart (Natal) pinpoints natural tendencies
Transits reveal upcoming difficulty and show gains
Planetary Cycles signal major life changes
Compatibility (Synastry) reveals how two or more people will support each other towards success and happiness or the opposite.
Solar Return Chart reveals the focus for the year
Eclipse Chart red flags karma

Do you want to know when you might marry?  Trying to figure out why you end up in toxic relationships? Wondering what career is best for you? These are a few great focal points for a Vedic Astrology Consultation. We can find answers to any question you may have.

Vedic Astrology is a navigation tool to guide us into a balanced and happy life.

Consultations are uplifting and validating. Most importantly, we have fun!  Grab a cup of tea, we'll meet online and take a look at areas you want to explore. 


Tarot Consultations

Tarot is a powerful tool in personal development. Through colors, symbolism and intuition, we are guided into a deeper level of self awareness.  

What can I expect in a tarot reading?

Expect a comfortable and easy experience. Angela believes her clients should leave feeling positive and empowered. 

Standard Procedure:
Angela will answer any questions your have about your consultation
She will talk with you about the nature of your question as it relates to you
Having a clear question in mind, cards will be shuffled and turned one by one
As each card is revealed, Angela will give a brief meaning of the card
Once all the cards are in position she will blend card meanings and pull together the results for you.
At the end of the consultation you will be asked if you have any additional questions or need clarification on the message.

You may ask questions as anytime during the consultation. 

Angela provides consultations and teaches Tarot.



Due to Covid 19, all in person courses are on hold.

Angela teaches a variety of programs designed to help one develop themselves by combining ancient knowledge with modern thought.  All programs offer audio visual, discourse, hands on experience and discussion. Classes are thought provoking, fun and attendees build incredible friendships while reshaping their own lives. 

Nature Philosophy
Offers a core understanding of earth based philosophy. Whether your drawn to Wicca, Shamanism or Huna this 6 month course will light your path of understanding so you can move forward on your chosen path with confidence.  

Earth Spirituality
This course connects you to the elemental world and helps you balance earth, air, fire, water and spirit within. This course is a traditional Covenant experience.

Intentional Alchemy
Balance light and dark in this modular course. Learn how to engage your healing process and clear internal blocks.

Visit the Courses page to learn more.