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Astrological Wisdom Combined with Co Active Coaching Techniques

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Vedic Astrology Coaching™

A Mindful Approach,  Support that makes a difference

Vedic Astrology Coaching™ is a unique method of combining valuable astrological knowledge with coaching techniques.  

Coaching is a process of providing instruction, direction, feedback and support to a client in order to improve personal performance. This is accomplished by using the principals of natural timing cycles focused on the past, present and future to help expand client awareness and improve choices leading to better outcomes. 

A Jyotish coaching session provides an in-depth analysis of an area of life theme and issues seen in the astrological chart. Angela helps the client identify specific personal actions (karmas) necessary to achieve the clients full potential. The client sets goals, we create strategies, measure results and celebrate achievement!

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”
 - Seneca Roman Philosopher

Session work is very specific. Goals are set, and results are measured. As we move through the coaching process, we measure all areas of life and mindfully examine mental and emotional obstacles that have routinely held the client back from goals or indecision. Ultimately, it is the clients reponsibility to set and meet goals. It is the Coaches responsibility to ask powerful questions that open new and dynamic perspectives, guide and support the client toward their goal.   

We'll meet two times each week for six weeks. Each week we start with a 1 to 1.5 hour planning and discussion session. Three to four days later we do a 30 to 60 minute follow up by phone or online. Intermittently, we connect by text. 

Throughout this process we use astrology as a navigation tool indicating natural behavior, true purpose in life, karma and timing change. 

Vedic Astrology Coaching is an investment in yourself. The problem solving skills and outside the box thinking you develop are yours for life. 

You are your own best investment.