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Vedic Astrology Consultations

Vedic Astrology is a navigation tool to guide us into a balanced and happy life.

Astrology guides us into self awareness. It helps us to understand our personality traits, how we filter information and our emotional response to our experiences. By combining these powerful components, we can determine the natural decision making process for an individual. 

The type of astrological analysis determines the type of information revealed:

  • Birth Chart (Natal) pinpoints natural tendencies
  • Transits reveal upcoming difficulty and show gains
  • Planetary Cycles signal major life changes
  • Compatibility (Synastry) reveals how two or more people will support each other towards success and happiness. 
  • Solar Return Chart reveals the focus for the year
  • Eclipse Chart red flags karma

Do you want to know when you might marry?  Trying to figure out why you end up in toxic relationships? Wondering what career is best for you? These are a few great focal points for a Vedic Astrology Consultation. We can find answers to any question you may have.

Consultations are uplifting and validating. Most importantly, we have fun!  Grab a cup of tea, we'll meet online and take a look at areas you want to explore.